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How far from the boundary wall must I build?

OB siteplan s Boundary Lines,Walls & Fences


We get a number of questions on our sister site Building Regulations asking “How close to the boundary am I (or my neighbour) allowed to build?” The site plan above is a sample and is only a guide to the approximate building lines and distances that the Building Regulations allow a house as well as other out-buildings to be built. All the measurements on the plan are in metres and show the distance from a road at the bottom and at the top, from a public open space. You will also see that the side measurements that go on to the neighbours properties is less than that for the road and the open space.

We must point out that this is just a guide. All properties have their own characteristics and features and the distances may vary. You MUST check with your local authority even before you have plans drawn up to avoid having to re-draw and re-submit the plans again and incur extra delays and costs. There are roads, public open spaces and servitudes that all have their own unique set of requirements. If you want to build within the specified building lines you will have to apply for a waiver to the local planning department. They will, more than likely, require you to get your neighbours consent in writing before you can get approval .

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  1. We have a palisade fence between properties. The new neighbours have cut down all the foliage on their side of the fence and we can now see completely into their property as we are slightly raised. Are we allowed to attach trellising to this wall and grow plants etc up it.

    It is such a stupid thing they have done as we can see everything that goes on including their patio and into their house.

    • Fences that are up to 1,8 m are considered by the National Building Regulations to be minor building work – and therefore do not need plans (although some municipalities do call for plans). So if the fence is lower than 1,8 m you can add to it without plans. BUT – this is only if the fence is yours. You need to ascertain whether it is on your property or theirs – or exactly on the boundary. You should also find out who paid for the fence in the first place. Our current neighbours did something similar though we have a vibrecrete wall in-between the two proerties; they cut down a gorgeous fruit-bearing plumb tree because it had thorns! Doesn’t worry us cos they overlook our washing line – but we can see right into their garden now. As you say – stupid :-)

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